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Pharmax Site

Our facility with a space of 3,250 square-foot includes: Examination and observation rooms in compliance with local, state, and OSHA requirements, spacious waiting area for patients, lab equipped with centrifuges (room temperature and refrigerated); freezers of -20°C; -45°C and -86°C, with computerized temperature recorder, ECG machine, calibrated scales, secured storage room for study medication, with temperature, humidity control and refrigerator, storage for clinical supplies and study records; 24 hours answering service, dedicated office space for investigators, study coordinators and monitors with high speed internet, telephone, and with easy access to a copier machine and fax. We also have a partnership with different outpatient facilities that provides a full spectrum of imaging services at three convenient locations.

Our site and investigators have access to a large patient population representing diverse age, backgrounds and ethnicity. Volunteers in our studies are largely hispanics and latino americans, so our patient database mirrors the population of the Miami-Dade community. A 30% of the total patient population is reporting to be healthy; the largest age group is adults between 55 and 75 years of age with 47% of total; while women account for 57% of our total patient population.

When partnering with us you will benefit from:

  • Good clinical practice,
  • Multiple areas of expertise,
  • Responsiveness and efficiency,
  • Combined medical and technical knowledge,
  • Adaptive data management service,
  • Patient recruitment and retention,
  • An organized trial system,
  • Access to specific patient populations,
  • Reasonable budget

For more information about partnering with us or accessing feasibility information from the site, click here. A business development representative will contact you shortly.

Thank you for your interest in Pharmax Research Clinic.

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